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Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Monday, 12 November 2012

aids test

aidstest by davidwaterhouse
aidstest, a photo by davidwaterhouse on Flickr.

print this out and give it to someone you know who just found out that they don't have aids

Just waiting for giant stapler  to arrive and junk zine is complete! 6 page zine of drawings and a comic. Will be available soon cheap or trade!

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

HUGE catch up post

NOT POSTED HERE IN AAAAGES so gonna try and post everything i've been doing recently innit!!! Know that tumblr is the place to be so follow me on there for more regular updates, just feel bad for neglecting my trusty old blogspot!!

MOST IMPORTANTLY the wonderful providence comics consortium have produced my first non self published work!!! 

The PCC is an amazing project that works with kids producing comics and writing stories and designing characters for artists to adapt into strips!! Artists that have featured before me include Michael Deforge, Brian Chippendale, Chris Kuzma and Patrick Kyle so i am unbelievably stoked!!!

Also featuring in the issue are Mickey Z, Tom Toye, Edie Fake and Billy Burkert who all rule! 

Buy a copy!

Also have a splash page in this book!! 

Massive thanks to the amazing Walker Mettling for making it all happen and also sending me this globhead fan art!!

Will be working on future projects with them also so keep em peeled!!!

Things with IN THE FACE brighton bassline crew heating up, shirts still available 'ere, will post more details of releases and release party soon!!!

In other bassline news, really stoked to do the artwork for the latest PHATWORLD (squire of gothos/dankle) release 'ULTIMATE DANGER' available now!!
JUNK ZINE should be seeing the light of day soon, as will KEEP SMILING COMICS issue 1 which will collect all the strips from the last year. 

ANYWAYS heres a bunch of other stuff i've been doing::

BLOBBY BOYS fan art for Alex Schuberet 

PROBS stuff i've missed but whatever!!! will try and keep postin on here but get a tumblr and follow me there!!!! 

big love 


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Big massive thanks to the laarvly folks at Creative Boom who featured my stupid idiot face drawings on their very fancy website!!!

Also i am very excited about working with brighton bassline crew In The Face on a load of future projects!! starting with this shirt!! Buy one!!

Loads of big amazing things coming up also so stay tuned!! will continue to post here but most stuff going on at tumblr!!

Dave X

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

drawing of an aubergine in a wedding dress for my friend becca's sisters hen do. yes, i have a fucking ball pool.